We are talking about Energy Efficiency and Use with Alfred Roca, Sales Manager at INNERGY HEAVY INDUSTRIES

How can users of equipment for the generation of heat with biomass become more efficient?

I believe this is of utmost importance from the user’s the point of view, since the improvement in terms of energy efficiency translates into economic savings in the end, by reducing the operation and maintenance costs of the plant. As professionals, we always recommend to our customers that the energy solutions they have are designed under criteria of maximum energy efficiency, which is achieved by two ways. The first of these is to include in the installation the maximum number of equipment units for the recovery of the existing heat in the hot gases generated at the exit of the boiler. These gases contain a large amount of available energy that, otherwise, would not be used. These equipment units can be multi-cyclones, exchangers or economizers, and with all of them it is possible to lower the temperature of the gases and take advantage of the energy. It is important at this point to take into account that the temperature drop of the gases can only be carried out up to a limit because, if it is lowered more than recommended, there is a risk of condensation and, although the installation can work well, it is necessary the use of stainless materials, which cause a situation of non-compensation of the investment made for the use of energy.

On the other hand, in addition to the incorporation of equipment for heat recovery, is the control of oxygen combustion and the automatic regulation of movement of grates and fuel supply, which will make the combustion process much more controlled and, therefore, more efficient. By adjusting the oxygen consumption, to do it to the necessary extent, and with the amount of fuel essential to generate those thermal megawatts of consumption, it is also possible to be more energy efficient.

In summary, in order to offer efficient solutions we must incorporate additional equipment that improves the overall efficiency of the process and minimizes losses, while developing an optimal control of the combustion process, to attain the maximum efficiency.


Alfred Roca,



What do you consider to be the great challenges at the level of energy efficiency within the field of biomass?

I believe that the greatest challenge to be addressed is the lack of internalization of energy culture within many companies. That is to say, it is necessary that companies understand the importance of having all equipment related to energy processes with the right technologies which allow them to know, not only how much energy they are generating and with what performance, but also where they are experiencing losses, so as to be able to apply the appropriate solutions.

The greatest obstacle is the cost of the additional investment of these systems in the equipment itself. For this reason, they are not often included, making it impossible to take the appropriate measures to detect points of improvement and be more efficient.

At INNERGY we believe in information and training as methods for the normalization and acquisition of energy culture, which is the right path which leads to the standardization of the installation of this energy control and heat recovery equipment.

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