Do you know what is the most important thing to take into account when buying an electrical distribution and power panel?

Do you know what is the most important thing to take into account when buying an electrical distribution and power panel?

We interviewed Javier Aparicio and Luís Aznar, Studies and Budgeting technicians with more than 30 years of experience in the electrical panel sector, who have answered this question in detail.

What aspects should we assess when deciding which electrical panel to buy?

In most cases the price is a determining variable when deciding on a supplier or other electrical panels, however, it doesn’t always mean that the quality the same.

Two of the professionals with the most years of experience in the INNERGY team, Javier Aparicio and Luís Aznar, Studies and Budgeting technicians with more than 30 years of experience in the electrical engineering sector, talk about these issues with the goal of helping our clients to make a better and more effective decision.

Product quality and ease of work on site assembly: Two concepts that go hand in hand

Where is it possible to appreciate the true quality of the product?

JJ: In the ease of assembly, that is, when an electrical panel is well finished, the assembly is quick and agile, only the person in charge will have to connect the elements. In many occasions people tend to think that quality is only in the materials that make up the electrical panel, that all the distribution boards are equal, but the truth is that it goes beyond that. The choice of a supplier of low quality, will mean an increase of work hours of the operators on site, along with the subsequent costs.

L: I would add that, the quality also resides in the information that accompanies each power panel. It is important to ensure in the contracting of a panel that the same will be supplied along with the corresponding diagrams, since otherwise, the operators will find serious barriers, both when carrying out the installation, as well as making changes or performing maintenance.

JJ: Along those lines, I would also like to clarify that all our electrical panels have electrical diagrams with CE certificate, an ISO standard which guarantees their quality.


Paying attention to the price: Are you really buying the same thing?

What is important to take into account when it’s time to compare prices?

JJ: On occasion we found that the information that the client had was insufficient, the different items were not clear and the only thing which could be determined was the final price. In these cases it is difficult to be able to make a proper evaluation, returning to the previous question, the quality is also in the additional benefits.

L: Yes, it is fundamental to request all the information, in fact, to demand absolute transparency from suppliers, thus avoiding making a decision without knowing if the same product is being compared in both cases.

The technical service: more than one proposal putting our know-how at the service of the client.

What added value can be added to the process of purchasing an electrical panel?

JJ: The alternative solutions undoubtedly: throughout our career we have worked on a large number of projects and works, which provides us with extensive knowledge when evaluating an order. We try to offer the client more, providing alternative solutions that we believe will improve the final result.

L: We like what we do, and that is transmitted in the proposals and offers we make. We seek to satisfy the customer not only with a quality panel, but also with an advisory and technical solution of equal value. We accompany you in the configuration process, informing you about the materials, the technical alternatives and other details that, thanks to our experience, we can provide. In the end it is all about wanting to do things well and be honest with the client.


Building a relationship based on trust

What would you recommend taking into count other than the purchase itself?

JJ: Trust, that is, not only thinking about if you have been satisfied with the panel, its quality and price, but also with the treatment and service received.

L: Yes, and I would also add that it is essential to take care of every detail, being there, accompanying not only the client, but also the potential client so that, when the time comes, they know that they can count on an adequate service which meets their needs.

How does one build a relationship based on trust?

JJ: As Luis said, being present, accompanying, always being ready to give service, answer questions, advise, help and, most importantly, to do it quickly and effectively.

L: I would also like to highlight the importance of after-sales service, because for us it is key. We’re not only talking about buying a panel at a better price, but rather buying quality, service, advice and transparency at a fair price. In the event of any incident, not all suppliers give the same service and, in the long run, having to find solutions without their help is undoubtedly a cost that, before buying, must be taken into account.

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