2018, the year in which WE ALL will face climate change with sustainable and practical solutions.

If 2017 ended with great challenges to face on the table, we hope to end 2018 with large projects underway and some goals already achieved.

From the conclusions of COP 23 to the actual commitments and the implementation of the defined actions.

At the COP23 held in Bonn, the last United Nations conference on climate change, the need to take action, to transform agreements signed on paper, not only in real projects, but also in sustainable solutions that every day was highlighted, bring us closer to the achievement of the goals set. To help its definition, a rule book has been prepared, a manual that allows governments to plan their financing and give confidence to investors and companies.

Currently the countries are establishing alliances and defining roadmaps to address the causes with which they have committed. With the aim of promoting alliances this year, the Talanoa Dialogue will be held, a process to facilitate dialogue between countries and maintain cohesion among the 197 members. In addition, the Talanoa Dialogue will put the accent on the countries where climate change has been felt with great harshness during the past year. It will be a participatory and inclusive process where not only governments will have the floor, but also non-state actors with experience and practical recommendations to make.

It is time for countries to take action and materialize their commitment to the World in projects that already have a delivery date. For the COP24, which will be held this year in Poland, the member countries must have finalized the Work Program of the Paris Agreement, ready for immediate review and implementation.

The Great Coalition is committed to Renewable Energies

Within the energy field there are several aspects that must be addressed to give a solid response to the problem of climate change and the environment.

The areas in which specific decisions should be made are: emissions, adaptation of the unavoidable impacts of climate change, finance, alliances and leadership.

The Great Coalition, formed by governments, states, cities, civil society and the private sector, is the one who will guide and open the way that, later, many others will follow. The sustainable energy alternatives are really varied, from photovoltaic energy to the use of biomass as a source of heat and electricity generation, we have a wide range of options.

Science and innovation go hand in hand with renewable energies, contributing to their reduction in price and improving efficiency, advances that make the process of change faster and leave conventional and polluting models behind, although there is still much work to be done.


The role of the private sector in achieving the objectives for 2020

In 2020 it is expected that the effects of corrective measures will begin to be felt strongly. For this, it is essential to develop a new mentality in which profitability is not the only value to consider. Fortunately, as mentioned above, the models of power generation based on renewable sources have cheapened their costs and are now more affordable, even allowing the generation of benefits, which makes them even more interesting. But agents of the private sector must go further, applying changes in the day to day of the company to be sustainable and renewable in all areas. Some companies are already applying small changes such as the installation of charging points for electric cars, organizing talks on sustainability to raise awareness among employees or promoting paper recycling and savings in electricity consumption.

At INNERGY we support our customers on the path towards energy sustainability, offering solutions from biomass or solar energy, to equipment that improves the electrical efficiency of cooling, tertiary and machinery installations.

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