PV EXPO 2019

From February 27th until the 1st of March in 2019, INNERGY will participate in the twelfth edition of PV Expo 2019 in Japan. This is an event dedicated to the photovoltaic industry held in a potential market in this sector, like the Japanese one, in this case. This is an opportunity for visitors to network with national and international experts of the energy generation sector that exposes and visits the event.

At PV EXPO, the exhibitors exhibit all their news and, development and manufacturing of photovoltaic systems. It takes place twice a year: once in Tokyo (February) and the second time in Osaka (September) and is one of the seven events of the World Smart Energy Week. Representatives from some 61 countries share their best practices of knowledge and techniques on energy resources on a global scale.

Once again, INNERGY participates in the PV Expo in Tokyo together with the company Green Power Monitor, where they will share booths and will exhibit electrical boxes for photovoltaic solar plants (String Combiner Box) and AC Combiner Box, with and without Innergy Electric monitoring; in addition, the SCADA of GPM.

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