Where is the timber and forestry sector heading?

Last week Ligna was held in Germany, the largest fair in the timber and forestry sector, which at each event reveals the world trends in the hands of its main players; international public administrations, customers, suppliers, novices, veterans, the curious and experts, and the latter especially. Anyone who has anything to do with this industry, considers Ligna as a mandatory place of pilgrimage, whether as an exhibitor or visitor, this is an inescapable commitment. Of course, INNERGY could not miss this event, we have attended regularly for more than 20 years to present our industrial boilers for biomass, and we wanted to let our readers know about what we have learned about this market and where it is heading.

The Development of International Markets

In this edition, the figures tell us about the interest in sustainable solutions in the Baltic countries and South America. A world away, not only in the geographical area but also in the needs between the two regions. While the countries around the Baltic Sea have the need for biomass-fuelled heat generation and application equipment that will not let them down with the temperature changes produced between summer and winter (in addition to the humidity generated in the fuel), the countries of South America have the objective of finding thermal and electrical generation equipment capable of feeding with different types of biomass, allowing them to reduce costs through the flexibility of the exchange in the face of changes in fuel prices .

The increase in the cost of energy in some Latin American countries, combined with the need to renew their boiler plant and the development of more efficient systems, make these key points for the exploitation of sustainable solutions that help us consume less fossil fuels.

The Evolution of the Market Comes from Automation

We could say that Ligna is the nerve centre where it is possible to see where the sector will go in the next two years. The innovation in the sector comes from the hand of the automation and control of the processes, without neglecting the robustness necessary for the good functioning of equipment that must work in harsh conditions.

Since 1968, we at INNERGY have been listening to our clients in the forestry and timber sector to anticipate their needs, and we currently offer fully automated solutions through our electrical division. Moreover, we continue to have the know-how which comes from the more than 3,000 boilers that we have designed, manufactured and installed throughout the world under our brand ERATIC.

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