Trigeneration plant with biomass for a Hospital Complex

The  Hospital Complex responds to the needs of 600,000 people, and regroups two existing hospitals. The hospital consists of a building of 110,000 square meters and is spread over 6 levels, with a capacity of 1,100 beds. It also has a covered parking facility with a capacity of 2,500 spaces.

The trigeneration plant with biomass, a pioneering installation in France, consists of a thermal power plant with a 3500 KWt thermal oil boiler from ERATIC, coupled to a combustion chamber with a Movilterm mobile sloped grate, suitable for the combustion of different types of biomass, with automatic feeding and automatic ash removal. This core feeds a turbine  module to produce electricity and thermal energy in the form of hot water. Similarly, the hot gasses at the outlet of the thermal oil boiler are recovered in 350 KWt exchanger for hot water production.

The total output of 625 kWe and 3,160 KWt of hot water to meet the heating and hot water needs in the hospital, as well as for the air conditioning and cooling of the building using cold generation equipment supplied with hot water.

The facility also has a system to reduce particulate emissions comprising a multicyclone  gas scrubber and electrofilter.

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