In the near future the refrigeration industry will be marked by two major global impact trends, sustainability, the result of the need to turn to models with lower environmental impact, and technology, a reality in some industrial sectors that is becoming necessary in the cooling market and especially in the industrial sector.


How can we help you to adapt your installation to the new framework for action?

The refrigeration sector is in the middle of a period of transition towards more sustainable and responsible models. The way forward will be marked by increasingly more restrictive legislation, in addition to the progress made in terms of gases and their different applications. With the aim of reducing uncertainty and guaranteeing the correct use of facilities, INNERGY offers accompaniment and personalized advice in the implementation of its control system, which guarantees success in this new panorama.

"The key is to perform good control to ensure that you are being energy efficient, and if you are not, you can correct the problem even before it appears."


Our value proposal for the refrigeration market

REDUCTION OF COSTS: To fully control the operation of the cooling installation allows proper functioning and guaranteeing of energy efficiency, which makes it possible to reduce the electricity bills and therefore save costs.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: A SCADA is software that brings the facilities to their optimum point efficiently. For example, by saving in consumption and quantity of refrigerant gases for the operation and maintenance of the installation, following the F-gas regulation, which supposes a reduction of the PCA and GWP emissions.

REAL-TIME INFORMATION 24/7 (i): Based on the information provided by the client, a study is carried out to determine which data collection and visualization system best suits your needs. The next step, configure this solution to show in real time the data you want to study intuitively and easily. But what can we do with that data? The information obtained by the system will improve the control, adjust the actions to the demands and also enjoy the versatility that this type of control presents, for example at the time of making the product change of the cameras.

ALARMS AND ALERTS: Attending to the needs of the client and the installation, we developed a system of alarms and alerts so that, in case of being close to taking place or having an incident or setback, an email or notification is sent to your mobile device.

ACCESSIBLE FROM ANYWHERE: Remote control of the plant with the installation of a PLC or SCADA. These are some of the software solutions available, which allow remote access to the cooling installation. In this way it is possible to remotely adjust and guarantee the correct functioning without being present, needing only a Smartphone or Tablet with Internet access.

REDUCTION OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: We are referring to the concept of eco-efficiency, an increasingly popular term for its purpose, to comply with regulations and care for the environment. With a control system that allows you to regulate and optimize the systems we will be aware of our emissions and we will be able to know where to apply the necessary measures.

PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE: This is the installation of a maintenance manager to perform predictive and corrective maintenance. This type of maintenance allows prior notice in certain processes and equipment, with the aim of avoiding cuts or stops. By facilitating the planning and forecasting of stops, it is possible to optimize the production process and avoid the losses derived from maintenance. Having no failures increases the warranty offered and it is possible to reduce the stock, since it can be foreseen when the cuts and stops will occur.

CONSTANT RELIABILITY OF THE PLANT: When everything is under control we feel more secure, we trust the correct functioning of the different elements that make up the refrigeration installation. If we add that it is possible to access any item through a mobile device from anywhere, there is no doubt that it is possible.

PERSONALIZATION: We have the necessary capacity to develop tailor-made solutions, depending on the customer's materials, applying the current regulations and all this step by step, advising and guiding you in the use of the new control system.
It is an open system that can be communicated in addition to the refrigeration panels with any other element that the customer has or acquires later.

CYBERSECURITY: The internet system used is separated by firewall avoiding possible attacks. Confidentiality and protection of information are always considered as key points to ensure the success of our solutions and customer satisfaction. The solution applied will be confidential, always watching over your interests and good performance.

WE WORK WITH THE TOP BRANDS OF THE MARKET: When control is so important, those basic aspects for a quality solution should not be forgotten. We add the guarantee of the best brands in the market, always applied to all the equipment we design, manufacture and put into operation.


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