Treatment plant and thermal processing of meat meal

Treatment plant and thermal processing of meat meal for thermal oxidation of contaminated vapours, with waste heat for steam production and processing system for  the treatment  and thermal recovery of 2.500 kg / h Category I meat meal from the transformation of animal by-products (pigs, sheep, goats and cattle). The heat generated in the combustion of MBM is used for thermal oxidation of 20,000 Nm3 / h of contaminated vapours from process equipment.

The plant is equipped with a heat recovery steam boiler of 16,000 kg / h of saturated steam at 12 bar.

The flue gases with the heat treated vapours pass through the continuous emissions treatment system which allows the plant to meet the strictest current legislation at European level in terms of air pollution concerns.

The installation consists of a storage silo of 480 m3 MBM, a  14,000,000 kcal / h rotary combustion kiln with automatic feeding of meat and  contaminated bone meal vapours, post-combustion chambers with 2 seconds of residence time for the gases in compliance with current regulations, mixed animal  auxiliary / fuel oil fat burner, heat recovery boiler to generate saturated steam
with automatic tube cleaning, vapour pre-heater to increase overall energy efficiency of the process and contaminant emissions treatment system consisting of multicyclones, reactor and filter bag and continuous  emission monitoring equipment .

This project has enabled our customer to replace plant fuel with meat meal instead of fuel oil to treat contaminated vapours and generate steam. This fuel switch has meant an annual saving of € 2,000,000 in operating costs.

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