1. 1968
  2. 1976
  3. 1979
  4. 1987
  5. 1989
  6. 1994
  7. 1996
  8. 1998
  9. 2009
  10. 2012
  11. 2013
  12. 2014
  13. 2015

  1. The Founding of ERATIC

    In 1968 this company was founded as the acronym ERATIC (Empresas Reunidas Asistencia Técnica Industrial y Comercial) which translates “Companies Joined Together to provide Industrial and Commercial Technical Assistance)”. This was a company specialized in design and manufacture of industrial thermal oil boilers.

  2. International expansion

    Having started its expansion, ERATIC industrial equipment could already be found in Europe, America, Africa and Asia

  3. Hispanoamerican Thermal Fluids Colombia

    The first subsidiary was opened to serve all Latin American countries with its headquarters located in Bogotá, Colombia under the name LATAM.

  4. Founding of CYS Engineering

    With the intention of expanding the engineering services, CYS Ingeniería Combustión y Secado (ENGINEERING Combustion and Drying) was created in Spain with avant-garde technology and staff.

  5. First Installation in Chile

    The company celebrated its 21st year in operation with one of the most important installations in the world, a plant in Chile that still stands today.

  6. The Creation of ERATIC Gonella Argentina

    A new subsidiary was founded, this time in Argentina, which would be able to satisfy the demand of the New Continent.

  7. ISO 9001 certification

    Pioneers in Spain, ours was the first company in the sector to be audited and certified based on ISO9001.

  8. First District Heating with Biomass in Spain

    ERATIC puts its INDUSTRIAL BIOMASS BOILER in the first district heating in the town of Cuellar.

  9. First ORC plant in France

    ERATIC chose this neighbouring country to open its first power generation plant with ORC technology.

  10. Founding of INGEL AUTOMATION

    With the eagerness to cover the needs of automation of electrical panels and control of industrial plants, and to serve the photovoltaic markets of the whole world. INGEL AUTOMATION came into being. In July of this same year INGEL dimensioned its technical department to differentiate itself from the panel builder companies, and to promote the technological developments and projects of electrical engineering.

  11. Holding company created

    The INNERGY brand has been developed in order to create a common brand for all companies in the group. All subsidiaries and divisions now have INNERGY in their name. Furthermore, a new headquarters has been opened, this time in Chile in order to bolster our presence on the Latin American market. INNERGY and INNERSUD are created.







    The success of INNERGY ELECTRIC in the solar sector led to us opening an office in the UK in 2014, in order to attend to our customers in a more personalised manner.


    We are heading to the land of the Rising Sun in order to open up the market with the latest European innovations in renewable energies, both photovoltaic and biomass.

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