INNERGY's basic principles include quality and continuous improvement, environmental sustainability and total safety for any process. To this end, we maintain an integrated management system which implements the procedures necessary to remain loyal to our principles. For this reason, one of the company's most important values can be found in its human and technical team, which, thanks to exhaustive controls to ensure quality and finish, guarantee the standards and quality which define our brand.

Thanks to our dedication to quality, in 1996 we became the first company in the sector to implement DIN-EN-ISO 9001 standards, under the supervision and control of the German company TÜV-CERT.

This certificate currently includes all activities developed by INNERGY, with the quality of all our products and services being an essential requirement to ensure success in the international environment we operate in.

Sector standards are also applied in projects which so require, such as:

TRD, ASME, TEMA, API, JIS (METI) in industrial projects.

UL and JIS in switchboards.

Depending on the requirements necessary in the project, we deliver our equipment in accordance with the following standards: ATEX or other special regulations.

INNERGY is also certified by international standards which it has voluntarily signed up to. These standards help companies to establish and objectively assess their quality management systems and allow them to compete on a global market by certifying that their products and/or services are safe, reliable and high-quality, in keeping with international standards.

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