Last October we saw the beginning of the construction project of the Huatacondo photovoltaic solar energy plant. With 103MWp of power, the plant is located in the Atacama Desert, Chile, the point on the earth that receives the highest level of radiation.

INNERGY has participated in the project with Eiffage Energía, a subsidiary of the Eiffage Group in Spain, which has extensive experience in the development of large-scale solar projects. With this project both companies are working together again and continue adding references. INNERGY thus accumulates 200 MW installed in Chile.

The 517 String Combiner Boxes of 1500V with which the photovoltaic park will be equipped, have been designed and manufactured keeping in mind the particular needs of the project. Due to the special climate that occurs in the desert, very high temperature and strong radiation, the dimensioning has been specially developed to withstand the thermal conditions of the area.

The Huatacondo photovoltaic plant is part of a project in full development in Chile. The country is currently working to increase the share of renewable energies in its energy mix. The Chilean government has set as a goal that by the year 2050, 70% of the energy generated in Chile will come from renewable energy sources.

The 103 MWp produced by the plant will be sold to the Chilean market, facilitating and promoting the consumption of responsible energy. The plant that began to be built in June 2017 is expected to be fully completed and start operating in August 2018.

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