In September 2015, the Member States of the United Nations signed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that sets out 17 Sustainable Development Goals or World Goals. The purpose of this 2030 Agenda is to end poverty, fight against inequality and injustice, protect the planet, ensure that people enjoy peace and prosperity and cope with climate change.

In short, this is an action plan with 169 goals in favor of people, the planet and prosperity in which the collaboration of civil society and the public and private sectors is essential to meeting its deadlines.


After the signing of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the start of work in January 2016 by the countries, the degree of compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals is far from desirable.

In the ranking of performance composed of 149 countries, Spain is in position 30 with a score of 72.2, far from Sweden with 84.5, Denmark with a score of 83.9 or Norway with 82.3. On the road to sustainable development, OECD countries have fallen short in more than a third of the targets. In this ranking, Spain is in position 26 out of 34. The greatest difficulties for this group of countries are in climate change, the conservation of ecosystems and in sustainable consumption and production.

The detail of the degree of compliance with the results of the indicators in Spain shows that it has only achieved the goal of gender equality (ODS5) and has really low scores in employment, research, municipal waste recycling, biodiversity or development aid.


This United Nations program must bring together the spirit of collaboration to ensure that all people have the same opportunities for development and well-being. It is necessary to identify what are the priorities for undertaking early actions.

From the web page of the World Goals, a guide of "things that can be done" divided into four levels has been launched: from the sofa, from home, from outside the home and at work. A way to encourage the population to collaborate with small gestures in the achievement of the United Nations development program; In this way, acting locally can help globally.


- Save paper. View invoices online or via mobile.

- Turn off the lights if you do not need them. The computer screen emits a comfortable brightness.

- Purchase in companies that apply sustainable practices and do not harm the environment. Buy at local stores.

- Recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminum to prevent landfills from growing bigger.

- Isolate windows and doors to increase energy efficiency.

- If you can, install solar panels in your house will also reduce the bill!

- Take your own bag to the purchase.

- Use a reusable water bottle and coffee cup.

- Keep the car in good condition.

- Raise your voice against all types of discrimination in your office.

- Encourage your company to collaborate with civil society and find ways to help local communities achieve their goals.

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