Since 1968, INNERGY has risen as a manufacturer of industrial boilers for thermal oil under the ERATIC brand. From that moment and unceasingly to the present, we are dedicated to the design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of industrial boilers of thermal oil capable of generating powers ranging from 116kW to 40MW with high yields and having the most advanced security systems.

Thermal oil as fluid for boilers is one of the most demanded models due to the advantages it presents. These include its great energy savings and the low maintenance cost required.

The ERATIC industrial boilers consist of helical carbon steel coils, which create fume passages between them. Convection and radiation coils are trained, which guarantees that the entire flow passes first through the convection zones and finally through the radiation ones, thus ensuring uniformity of temperature at the outlet of the collector.

An insulating layer of mineral wool covered with metal sheet is mounted between the internal and external walls, shaped in such a way as to guarantee the perfect hermeticity of the assembly and a temperature in the enclosure that does not exceed the ambient temperature by 20 ° is ensured.

The design of the boiler guarantees that in no case the maximum temperatures of mass and film will be higher than the maximum admissible of the thermal carrier liquid used.

In the boiler, there are ample cleaning records that are easy to access and open. The front part of the boiler is a hinged door, with full opening.

Below we will explain in detail some of the basic safety elements that, except by express request of the client, are included in our equipment:

  • Circulation Control

This is attached to the body of the boiler and is composed of a differential pressure switch and the valves and pressure gauges necessary to corroborate the correct circulation of the thermal oil inside the boiler.

  • Maximum Pressure Safety

To control the oil pressure in the boiler inlet manifolds

  • Maximum Thermal Oil Temperature Safety

Included in the outlet manifold, it ensures the temperature of the oil when passing through said manifold.

  • Maximum Fume Temperature Safety

This is the element that certifies the temperature in the output of combustion gases from the boiler.

  • Expansion Hatch

This is incorporated in the flue gas outlet of the boiler and allows you to avoid overpressures in case of accumulation of gases.

In addition, the industrial boiler is customized according to the needs of the client so that it can include the most appropriate safety elements for its daily process.




Industrial thermal oil boilers are the first product with which INNERGY began to work, having more than 3,000 references throughout the world, many of them in operation almost 50 years after their manufacture. And it is for that reason that the quality, durability and robustness are the badge with which the boilers of the ERATIC brand are represented. That is why we were the pioneer company in the sector to be certified with ISO 9001.

We comply with all the regulations required and recommended for the national territory, in addition to adapting our design and manufacture to comply with any regulations that the client needs.


Our technical department is a multidisciplinary team specialized in the design of solutions for the generation and application of heat and electricity which also has extensive experience in the development of their functions. In addition, the Technical Department of INNERGY HEAVY INDUSTRIES has the latest generation of technical means to guarantee the efficiency and quality of the equipment it develops.


This is a workshop with more than 20,000 square meters specially dedicated to the manufacture of pressure equipment, auxiliary equipment and other elements for industrial combustion, equipped with the precision industrial machinery necessary to carry out large-scale projects, in which total reliability is required. It also has a team of professionals perfectly trained for the performance of their daily functions, expert welders and assemblers who work under a system of regulated PPIs which surpass the official regulation standards and controls of formative recycling.


Our customer service is based on the concept of the client as the center of our work and is the natural result of the vocation of each of the workers that form INNERGY, Immediate attention and teamwork as a top priority to offer a 360º solution to the demands originated is what has made it possible for us to have more than 3,000 satisfied customers worldwide.


  • 400 ºC


  • Automatic


  • Up to 300 ºC

  • FLUID: Suitable thermal oil

  • In accordance with the corresponding standard

  • Nº FLUES

  • 3


  • Touchscreen


  • Horizontal or vertical


  • Recovery / burner / biomass / monoblock


  • Solids, liquids or gaseous


  • In series

Consider the diameter and length of the flame

Avoids overheating in the coils

Ideal speed in the fluid and the combustion gases

Excellent performance can be achieved with suitable surface area

Optimised construction design

Low loss of internal load in the boilers

An insulating layer of metal-clad mineral wool is installed between the internal and external walls, guaranteeing:

The perfect sealtight integrity of the assembly, while the temperature in the outside enclosure will not exceed environmental temperature by more than 20 °C


In the bottom of the boiler

In the top of the boiler

-> removable cover

Easy access and opening

Fast-opening cleaning inlets for air injection

Construction prioritising low fouling criteria

Minimum system maintenance

Pipe fastening

By expansion

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Thermal oil boiler of 2,500,000 kcal/h output using gas-oil as fuel, for a cement company.

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Treatment by thermo destruction of 70,000 kg/day (~ 3000 kg/hr) of fibre concentrate...

Thermal oil boiler of 2,000,000 kcal/h

Thermal oil boiler of 2,000,000 kcal/h output using natural gas as fuel, for a printing...

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