Our steam boilers with biomass guarantee high availability and low operating costs.

Steam boiler saturated with Biomass for industrial use. Mixed construction refractory-hydro-tubular and pyro-tubular that combines the best advantages of each technology in order to offer a wide versatility in the use of fuels. Like all INNERGY industrial boilers, they are designed and manufactured with the aim of providing maximum reliability, with low maintenance costs.

The Steam Boilers powered by Biomass are modular, they are built in two or three modules, according to size, in a monoblock solution that facilitates assembly and installation in the most propitious place for the process and daily use of our customers.

The upper module incorporates the body of Steam Boiler powered by Biomass, horizontal pyro-tubular shape, consisting of two passages of smoke and part of the hydro-tubular body. The latter fulfils the function of driving the gases to the pyro-tubular zone, increasing the performance of the installation. Both elements, designed under TRD-300 and built with P-235-GH seamless steel pipe and P-265-GH / P-295-GH quality steel sheet. Bodies designed with wide vaporization planes and steam chambers so that titles are obtained very close to the unit and fast responses to production peaks.

The intermediate module corresponds to the furnace area of biomass combustion. It is the part of the Steam Boilers that incorporates a combustion plane of mobile inclined grate, driven by hydraulic cylinders of high performance. The mobile grill uses a triple cooling combined by air, recirculated gases and water, so that the lifespan of the system is extended. The grills are cast iron DIN 17006 GX-40.Cr.Ni.27.4 specially designed to maintain their integrity in the working conditions requested by the customer. The furnace is formed, in the area of biomass combustion, by brick walls and refractory wedges of andalusite quality with 40-42% Al2O3. In its final part, there is the water-tube body that connects with the upper body.

The INNERGY steam boiler powered by biomass has an injection of air and recirculated gases. This is carried out by various circuits designed to control combustion, increase performance and decrease unburned mass. Underneath the grills, in two or three sections according to size, a mixture of preheated atmospheric air and recirculated gases is injected in such a way that cooling of the casting elements is achieved and, in turn, the quality of the combustion in the upper zones can be controlled. Thus, in combination with the regulation of the movement of the grills, the combustion process is adapted to the quality and humidity of the available biomass.

In the furnace zone, preheated atmospheric air is introduced in several phases, so as to favour the phenomenon of combustion control. Minimizing the production of carbon monoxide and unburned mass. The Steam Boiler model manufactured by INNERGY under the ERATIC brand name, and powered by biomass. It has the system of automatic lighters conveniently sized for a wide variety of fuels.

In the lower module, the automatic ash and slag extraction system is incorporated. This is done by means of a wet system that seals the assembly and decreases the exit temperature of the same, for its subsequent management.

The three modules are easily transportable and installable

All systems have been designed and built based on the applicable legislation. RD 709/2015 Pressure equipment directive, RD 2060/2008 Regulation of pressure equipment, UNE 10216-3, ed. 2003 and DIN 17175 Materials, UNE EN ISO 15614-1: 2004 Welding procedures, UNE EN ISO 9606-1: 2014 Qualification of welders, Directive 2015-2193 on the limitation of emissions for medium biomass combustion plants.


At INNERGY, things are done thinking about the concept of infinite life, without putting a limit of programmed obsolescence on our equipment. Because we are proud to see how our facilities remain up and running over the years; and to see that our equipment does not fail, neither by intensive use nor by the passage of time. The Industrial Steam Boilers with Biomass of the brand ERATIC, are recognized in the market for their reliability and long durability. The proof of this is that they have existed in the international market since 1968, with more than 3,000 references installed in five continents. Even today, we continue to perform maintenance and inspections of some equipment installed in the early years of the company.


Our Technical Department works using the latest technology in software development and equipment design. A team of first level professionals, trained in each of the necessary areas so that our clients have the peace of mind that nothing will fail. In addition, we have specialized partners in the field of simulations, to put at your service all the Know-How they need.


The Heavy Industries Factory has the precision industrial machinery necessary to carry out large projects, has more than 20,000 square meters especially dedicated to the manufacture of pressure equipment, auxiliary equipment and other elements for industrial combustion. All the equipment that make up the production centre are installed to provide the highest reliability. The operators, perfectly trained for the performance of their daily functions, are expert welders and assemblers who work under a system of regulated PPIs. Exceeding the strictest regulations and controls of formative recycling. The conjunction of our HR policy and analysis of industrial processes, make it possible: to put the right person, in the necessary position, with the right motivation and training.


The quality of our service stems from the vocation of each of the employees who work at INNERGY. Our philosophy is focused on the client's vision as the epicentre of our objectives. Always having immediate attention and teamwork as a top priority to offer a 360º solution to the demands originated, only in this way is it possible to have more than 3,000 satisfied customers all over the world.


  • From 1500 kgv/h up to 40,000 kgv/h


  • Maximum pressure 12 barg (161.65 ºC)


  • Modular and Compact


  • Watertube / Firetube / Hybrid


  • Different combustion systems


  • Automatic cleaning


  • Automatic


  • Monitoring and remote control

1st Safety Element: Minimum water level

2nd Safety Element: Absence of water

3rd Safety Element: Level limiter to prevent overfill

Safety pressure switch

Safety valves

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