INNERGY has been manufacturing industrial thermal oil boilers of the ERATIC brand since 1968, powered by all types of fuels; biomass being one of the most used fuels in our industrial solutions.

The industrial boilers of thermal oil with biomass are designed under the strictest quality standards to satisfactorily meet the needs of our customers. At Innergy, we design, manufacture and carry out the assembly and commissioning of this type of industrial thermal oil boilers with biomass. In addition, we accompany the customer throughout the life of the plant through our maintenance service offer.

Heating by thermal oil is a type of indirect heating in which the temperature of a liquid phase heat transfer fluid is raised and pumped to the users of said thermal energy within a closed circuit. There are multiple applications and sectors to use thermal oil generated by industrial boilers of thermal oil with biomass, among others: wood, cork, rubber, tanning, chemical, petrochemical, textile, metallurgical, ceramic, glass, paper/cardboard, printing/silkscreen/flexography, detergents, automotive, food, pharmaceutical, agro-industry, etc.

Instalación Aceite térmico biomasa

In general terms, ERATIC industrial thermal oil boilers with biomass for the production of thermal oil comprise the following scope:

  • Storage and transportation system of biomass to the combustion chamber
  • Combustion installation that contains the following items:
  • Combustion chamber
  • Automatic combustion control system with oxygen probe
  • Automatic biomass feeding device
  • Gas/combustion air circuits, including impulse fans
  • Ash extraction system

Oil boiler with biomass and thermal oil circuit:

  • Exchanger body
  • Automatic boiler tube cleaning system
  • Motor-pumps
  • Valves, filters and accessories
  • Pipelines
  • Required central deposit and expansion

Gas circuit consisting of:

    • Conduits
    • Multicyclone to purify particles, as well as to preheat the combustion air
    • Exhaust fan
    • Chimney for the evacuation of gases
  • Elements of instrumentation, regulation, control and securities specifically designed for the proper functioning of industrial boilers of thermal oil with biomass
  • Electrical panel and programming control with PLC
  • Structures, walkways, stairs, handrails
  • Protective paint that prevents oxidation and deterioration of equipment
  • Design and engineering service: technical and official documentation, tests and certifications, engineering works, project coordination, implementation, detail and execution
  • Transportation of the equipment supplied to the client's facilities
  • Assembly and commissioning of the industrial thermal oil boiler with biomass


Additionally, Innergy offers other items depending on the needs of the client:

  • Additional gas particle treatment systems using an electrofilter or bag filter that takes care of the thermal oil boiler powered by biomass
  • NOx emission reduction systems
  • Piping networks and connection regulating elements of the thermal oil boiler with biomass with consumers
  • Thermal oil, with the possibility of offering different properties, depending on the requirements of the project
  • Auxiliary thermal oil pump motor with diesel engine
  • Thermal energy meters
  • Automatic boiler ignition systems
  • Thermal isolation
  • Electrical wiring
  • Blanketing systems to extend the life of the thermal oil
  • List of recommended spare parts
  • System of monitoring and control of the installation-SCADA
  • Standard/predictive/corrective maintenance contracts 

All with the aim of offering the customer a complete solution.


At INNERGY, things are done thinking about the concept of infinite life, we do not accept the idea of programmed obsolescence. Because we are proud to see how our facilities remain up and running over the years; and see that our equipment is synonymous with the work of our customers: and that it does not fail because it is specially prepared to give them an intensive use throughout the life of their businesses. The industrial boilers of thermal oil with biomass of the brand ERATIC, are known in the national and international markets, for their reliability and their longevity. The proof of this is that we have been around for 50 years, with more than 3,000 references all over the world. Even today, we continue to perform maintenance and inspections of some of the first thermal oil boilers with biomass that we manufactured in the early 70's.


The Technical Department uses the latest technology in equipment development and design software. Our department is formed by a multidisciplinary team, trained in each one of the necessary areas so that our clients are completely satisfied with the applied solution. In addition, we have specialized partners that make it possible to have the best profiles in each field.

Serpentines fabricación caldera Aceite Térmico Biomasa


The Heavy Industries Factory has the precision industrial machinery necessary to carry out large projects, has more than 20,000 square meters especially dedicated to the manufacture of pressure equipment, auxiliary equipment and other elements for industrial combustion. All the equipment that make up the production centre are installed to provide the highest reliability. The operators, perfectly trained for the performance of their daily functions, are expert welders and assemblers who work under a system of regulated PPIs. Exceeding the strictest regulations and controls of formative recycling. The conjunction of our HR policy and analysis of industrial processes, make it possible: to put the right person, in the necessary position, with the right motivation and training.


The quality of our service stems from the vocation of each of the employees who work at INNERGY. Our philosophy is focused on the client's vision as the epicentre of our objectives. Always having immediate attention and teamwork as a top priority to offer a 360º solution to the demands originated, only in this way is it possible to have more than 3,000 satisfied customers all over the world.


  • From 100,000 Kcal/h (116kW) to 22,000,000 kcal/h (25 MW)


  • Monitoring and remote control


  • Automatic cleaning


  • Modular and Compact


  • Watertube


  • Different combustion systems


  • Up to 350 ºC


  • Automatic


  • 400ºC

High temperatures up to 350°C in liquid phase

With minimum pressures, thus simplifying the design of the facility

Straightforward, exact temperature control

Temperature precision ± 1º

Very low maintenance costs< Thanks to the design of the equipment

Absence of corrosion. The fluid lubricates the installation

High thermal inertia

The system retains heat for longer

Speed ​​of execution

Start up and shut down

Very simple operation

Does not require certified operator

Does not require water or chemical treatment, or similar

No steam discharge and condensation line maintenance

Maximum reliability

No danger of freezing


Ultraquiet operation

No disposal costs

Closed circuit

Long working life of equipment, we guarantee its durability

Over 20 years with standard maintenance and no revamping

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