Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

With the completion of the start-up and final tests (or the equivalent), once the biomass plant or industrial boilers are in perfect operation and up to the expectations, we offer our customers technical assistance service, composed of different areas which we will detail on this page.

With more than 3,000 references in the market, an endless number of successful implementations, and a variety of contracted after sales services, we have developed a highly experienced technical assistance department. Its mission is to guarantee the most efficient performance of the industrial boilers and biomass plants manufactured by Innergy Heavy Industries during the entire useful life of the equipment.

Technical Assistance Service, Our Experience at Your Service

At Innergy Heavy Industries we offer our customers the wide experience accumulated during our 50 years of history. Accompanying them continuously throughout the life of their biomass facilities and industrial boiler rooms, this is how we demonstrate the value of our know-how; this is how we truly show our customers the sense it makes to trust in our know-how.

Maintenance Area

We understand maintenance as a fundamental aspect for the proper working of the equipment manufactured throughout its lifespan. Therefore, we recommend to our customers the programming and application of a preventive maintenance plan, an efficient way of conservation, as well as optimizing downtime. We consider maintenance as an investment and not as a cost, paying special attention to the following points:

- Customer support in the integration of our biomass or industrial boiler installation in its maintenance plan (CMMS).

- Planning of maintenance actions.

- Mechanical maintenance of facilities, machinery and equipment.

- Scheduled stops of facilities

  • Comprehensive review of the installation.
  • Sampling and analysis.
  • Accompaniment at the start-up and later according to the needs of each
  •    case.

- Special operations.

SAT and After-Sales Area

The team of Innergy Heavy Industries is aware of the implications that a scenario of corrective maintenance can have in industrial boiler rooms or biomass installations. It puts at the disposal of its clients a powerful department of SAT and After-sales, fast and agile in its answers and interventions to not only guarantee, but also maintain the satisfaction standards achieved.

  • Agility and speed in management. Rapid identification of the need and action for its correction.
  • Evaluation of alternatives.
  • Multidisciplinary team.
  • Customized technical support.


We have a multidisciplinary start-up department that, in direct collaboration with the Engineering and Project Management departments, enables the correct start-up of facilities, equipment and processes.

Finally, we must highlight the informative assistance that we provide to our clients in different ways. From the development of technical and economic studies, to technological advice. We also offer regular, more general information on topics related to our activity sectors.

Acting as technical consultants, through the contact channels that we have open for our clients, we add an extra highly valued service.

Technical Consultant

At Innergy Heavy Industries we believe in truthfulness, transparency and information. Therefore, we develop a strategy, through different channels and streams, that is oriented to keep our customers informed of the different possibilities offered by the market, the latest technological developments and current trends in the sector. For this purpose, in addition to involving technical professionals from different areas, we share our own content, working in a sustained manner with some of the main media, technical journals, professional portals and associations of the energy sector.

- Technical-economic studies on the implementation of new equipment or processes that result in greater energy savings, updating of the facilities according to regulations, development of better environmental conditions.

  • Investment plans.
  • Amortization study.
  • Energy classification of the installation.

- Technological advice. If you plan to update your facilities and optimize your heat generation and application processes, waste treatment, recovery, etc., you will probably be interested in knowing that at Innergy Heavy Industries we have an integrated programming team, expert in the development of industrial software, capable of of the development and implementation of 4.0 solutions tailored to your requirements.

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