Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design

At INNERGY HEAVY INDUSTRIES we work constantly to maintain the high quality standards that characterize the services of our company.

Thanks to the team of professionals with extensive knowledge in solutions for the generation and application of heat, we are able to offer engineering and design services, assembly and start up and technical assistance.

With the development of this type of services we seek to provide our clients with a fully satisfactory experience and continuous support in each of the phases of the project, advising and putting all our know-how at your disposal, thus ensuring your maximum satisfaction with the energy project.

Our Engineering Team

We have a team of experts in the design, manufacture and installation of equipment for the generation and application of large heat, from industrial burner boilers to industrial biomass boilers, with all types of heat transfer fluids available, thermal oil, hot water and superheated water and steam. In addition, industrial biomass boilers can work with a wide range of biomass of all types, as well as different types of waste.

With the aim of guaranteeing proper operation, maximum reliability and durability of our industrial boilers, the engineering team designs all the precise components for the installation: combustion chambers, heat recovery units, ORC, etc. In this way, by developing complete solutions customized to the needs of each customer, we can guarantee the perfect installation and operation of the equipment as a whole.

Main Equipment

Industrial Biomass Boilers – Thermal Oil

Industrial Biomass Boilers – Hot/Superheated Water

Industrial Biomass Boilers – Steam

Industrial Burner Boilers – Thermal Oil

Industrial Burner Boilers – Hot/Superheated Water

Generation of Electricity with ORC

Generation of Electricity with Steam

Auxiliary Equipment

Combustion Chambers in Various Formats (Mobile Grill, Stationary Grill, etc.)

Customized Settings (coil, pyro-tubular, aqua-tubular, etc.)


Pump Skid

Heat Recovery

Automatic Cleaning Systems

Fuel and Ash Transport Systems

Fuel Silos


*If you’d like to know more about the solutions for the generation of heat and the use of waste that we offer, feel free to contact us.

Custom design according to the main standards of the sector

The technical office team of INNERGY HEAVY INDUSTRIES has extensive knowledge, not only regarding the design of the industrial boiler in its various configurations, but also, in the design of the auxiliary equipment, all of which comply with the standards of quality marked by the sector.

TRD: Specific design code for industrial steam boilers

ASME: Design code for all types of industrial boilers (industrial burner boilers and industrial biomass boilers in all their configurations and varieties)

TEMA: Design standards for heat exchangers

API: Design standards for pressure equipment in the petrochemical industry

JIS: Japanese standards for pressure equipment design

In addition to compliance with the aforementioned standards, all equipment for heat generation and energy recovery comply with all European regulations. Depending on the requirements established for the project, the designs made can comply with ATEX regulations.

ATEX: Equipment for work in particularly explosive atmospheres



Engineering applied to the needs of each project

The Project Management department is not only responsible for compliance with the planning carried out, but also for accompanying the client throughout the different phases of the project, until the final phase. That is when the start up is carried out with the Project Manager together with the start-up team, SAT and after-sales team, a group of experts specialized in guaranteeing the start-up of the equipment.

Therefore, the Project Managers team integrally manages the project, executing all its phases and coordinating the various engineering and construction specialties necessary for the development of industrial and auxiliary boilers. They will also accompany you in the realization of the final customer acceptance tests, having to ensure the complete satisfaction of the client with the project designed, manufactured and assembled.

The Project Managers team also has extensive experience in the development of industrial equipment of these characteristics, as well as in the organization and development of projects both nationally and internationally, which gives it not only the technical skills but also other skills necessary to achieve success.

Continuous accompaniment throughout the project's lifespan

From the first contact, one of our project managers is put at the service of the project, and this person will be in charge of monitoring all the phases, working in coordination with other departments to guarantee maximum transparency of information at all times and the attainment of marked objectives.

  1. Process Study. We start the project with a phase focused on the client's advice, for this a complete analysis of the client's system is carried out in which the heat generation and application equipment, waste treatment, electricity generation will be integrated, etc. This process includes a study of profitability and investment together with the Department of Research and Budgets. Based on all the information collected and analyzed a proposal is made, which in addition to collecting all the technical information, details the advantages and disadvantages of said solution, also the risks. Our goal is to be totally transparent with our clients and to provide them with all the information they need to make the best decisions, so as to provide them with the best possible service.
  2. Comprehensive Management of the Project. Once the client has made the decision, it is time to start developing the project. Our objective at this phase is based on the premise that the client should not have to worry about anything so that he can dedicate his efforts to his main activity. The Project Manager in charge of the solution will be responsible for the development of the energy model, keeping the client informed of its progress. Through the programming of periodic meetings, telephone calls, emails, etc., we guarantee that the client is always kept in the loop regarding how the project is going.
  3. Conducting Start-up Tests. Coordinated together with the technicians specialized in start-up and assistance of the team, the Project Manager supervises from the beginning of the tests until the end of the start-up, making sure that everything is ready on time and in the right conditions so that the client is satisfied with the energy solution provided.

Once the equipment is working properly, the accompaniment does not end, as the Project Manager will be at the client's service to resolve any doubts or questions that may arise once the project is finished.

Another aspect to be highlighted within this section is the training that the Project Manager gives to the client's personnel in the plant in charge of the operation. In this way we provide our customers with the greatest autonomy to, in addition to the efficient management of the plant, achieve the desired results.

Installation consists of several moving grate combustion chambers using biomass

Installation consists of several moving grate combustion chambers using biomass as...

Thermal oil boiler for a cement company

Thermal oil boiler of 2,500,000 kcal/h output using gas-oil as fuel, for a cement company.

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