Assembly and Commissioning

Assembly and Commissioning

At Innergy Heavy Industries we offer our customers highly qualified personnel to carry out all the tasks and functions included in the assembly and commissioning area of industrial boilers and biomass plants.

From the manufacturing phase of the heat and power generation and application equipment, to the moment of assembly and commissioning, all the people involved comply with the strictest requirements and controls with a clear objective, to guarantee customer satisfaction regarding the expected results.

Manufacture of complete systems for the generation and application of heat and electricity

At the more than 30,000m2 of the Heavy Industries Factory, we produce everything from industrial burner boilers or industrial biomass boilers to complete power generation plants through biomass or waste. We produce all the equipment involved in the system, and each of the solutions is prefabricated in our workshop, located at our headquarters in Valencia, which has the latest machinery and technology available for its manufacture. Once the teams have completed the manufacturing phase, they go into the assembly phase, which takes place in the customer's facilities with the constant supervision of our supervisors and technicians in situ.

Returning to the manufacturing process, this begins when the plans of the whole energy solution arrive at the production area, then a new review process is started to check that the indications and technical requirements are correct. Subsequently the planning of the manufacture of each of the pieces and equipment that make up the set is carried out. Once the times have been approved, the production phase begins.

It is worth mentioning that all the complementary products necessary for the manufacture of our solutions, have the guarantee of the first brands of the market.

When the equipment has been finished, the pre-assembly process begins in our facilities for the realization of tests, first separately and then together, in this way the equipment is ready for the final assembly and start-up in the plant.

The manufactured equipment arrives at the client's installation via special transport due to the large dimensions and weights.

Custom Manufacturing: Details that Make a Difference

The set of equipment necessary for the construction of industrial boilers, or biomass, heat and/or electricity generation system, waste treatment etc. are manufactured according to the particular needs and requirements of the client, but also following strict quality controls, which imply the execution of the most demanding processes of control and quality tests and certifications.

  • Quality control plan.
  • Inspection point programs (PPIs).
  • Specific welding procedures and certificates of approved welders.
  • Pressure tests.
  • Tests of penetrating liquids.
  • Radiographs.
  • Traceability and monitoring.
  • Quality assurance in O & M: On-line pump monitoring system.
  • Infra-red camera technical assistance.
  • Construction of earthquake-resistant equipment, adapting to the local regulations of application.


Construction Management, Supervision and Installation

At Innergy Heavy Industries we are aware that the conditions and factors that surround and influence the environment of each project are very different. This existing variability in the sector makes necessary the development of processes and skills for the total adaptation to the new circumstances. Therefore, from the design phase to the assembly and commissioning phase, the specific needs of the project and the client, requirements and regulations of production/ manufacturing, climatological features and location, etc. are taken into account.

In order to optimally carry out the assembly and commissioning phase, in addition to the aforementioned requirement, we implement a series of processes, which are aimed at establishing the foundations of the best performance in the plant.

Construction Management

The main mission of the team in charge of project management is to coordinate the different industrial profiles, ensuring both the fulfillment of the good work and the expected goals:

  • Coordination of the different subcontractors involved in the project.
  • Regular multidisciplinary meetings.
  • Resolution of contingencies produced in construction. Responsibility for the order book.
  • Taking into account, assessing and, where appropriate, authorizing eventual modifications of the project.

Construction Supervision

The supervision of the assembly is carried out by a professional that Innergy Heavy Industries designates and who will act as the representative of our client during the construction. In this way, its main mission will be to ensure the good work of industrialist equipment by ensuring that all details go as planned.

The main functions of the construction supervisor are:

  • Verification of the execution of the construction according to plans, designs and technical specifications.
  • Verification of compliance with standards, methods and installation techniques (type of welding, crossing of facilities, etc.)
  • Coordination with the construction manager of the work, identifying the possible interferences, auxiliary means, etc. necessary for the correct development of the functions
  • Reporting to the client the status of the work, necessary corrective measures and technical reports.

Construction Assembly

Innergy Heavy Industries has the ability to participate both in the integral assembly of the project, as well as in the individual parts, offering in all cases the following services and jobs:

  • Prefabrication and assembly of metal structures.
  • Assembly of static and rotating equipment.
  • Prefabrication, installation and modification of pipes and ducts.
  • Technical facilities:
    • Installation of fire protection equipment.
    • Pneumatic installations.
    • Hydraulic installations.
    • Auxiliary plumbing installation.
    • Electrical and control installations.
  • Auxiliary works for insulation, painting, refractory, civil works, etc.

In addition to the assembly and start-up services, at Innergy Heavy Industries we offer the design and engineering services as a step prior to the assembly, and the technical assistance services once the equipment has been put in place, thereby meeting the customer's expectations.

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