Drying systems for different kind of products


With more than 40 years of experience in the sector, INNERGY is, nowadays, one of the main suppliers of drying systems for different kind of products at an industrial scale in Spain, Portugal and Hispano-America. Its professional career allowed to obtain in 1.996 the quality certificate DIN-EN-ISO 9001 under the supervision and control of the prestigious TÜV-CERT of Hannover in: "design and Engineering, Manufacture, Assembling, Running and Maintenance of Boilers and Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Heat Recovery Units, Dryers, Incineration and Combustion Processes". ERATIC drying equipment is design, manufactured and approved according to CE standards.

For each product there is an optimum drying process depending on its state, physical-chemical characteristics, allowable equilibrium temperatures and moistures, initial and final moisture required, obtaining process… The product study and the determination of its suitable system is a task that requires wide knowledge and to combine efforts and experiences.

The dryers more often proposed are:

  • Rotary with helicoidally pass dryers
  • Tubular by nozzles and fluidization dryers
  • Tunnel dryers

The variations in each kind are innumerable by the logic adaptation to the most suitable process. We kindly invite you to request our drying questionnaire and to speak with our drying technical department.

Rotary helicoidally pass

Our Rotary helicoidally pass dryers are designed with high energy efficiency to produce the maximum evaporation in the minimum space, reducing significantly its length compared to the conventional rotary dryers. The system for moving and drying the product uses a helix under rotation with variable speed. The drying can be done direct and indirectly, incorporating the latest technology in process control and is prepared for all kind of biomasses and agro-industrial wastes.

Tubular by nozzles and fluidization dryers

Our Tubular by nozzles and fluidization dryers range are specially designed for difficult products such as sludge or manures. The moving of the product is done through a rake shaft with variable speed that allows to drag and to stir all the product particles, avoiding sticking and deposition on the walls. The drying hot gases are introduced through tangential injection nozzles, and a partial gases recirculation allows improving the drying process and increases the energy efficiency. The drying can be done direct and indirectly incorporating the latest technology in process control.

Tunnel or Band dryers

Our Tunnel or Band dryers are equipments highly strong and versatile, designed to dry products such as biomasses, boards, minerals and many others. They are composed by drying units, which allow increasing or reducing the dryer evaporation capacity quickly and easily just assembling or disassembling these units. A high quality and finish bands, with variable speed, allow moving the product. The drying can be done direct and indirectly incorporating the latest technology in process control.

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