Fluidized bed

Within the set of combustion systems, we find the possibility using a fluid bed, a different system that, together with the mobile grate, fixed grate and rotary kiln, is part of the set of alternatives that INNERGY designs and manufactures for the market. Each of these technologies is conceived in a unique way, adapting to the particular needs and requirements of the project.

What is the fluid bed combustion system?

The fluid bed combustion system is recommended for plants that have complex fuels, such as biomass or waste with high amounts of moisture and ash, among others.

The fluid bed represents the main part of the equipment where the process of combustion of biomass or waste takes place.

This phase of the process of generation and application of heat, is mainly constituted by a set of air injection nozzles that "fluidize" the solid fuel together with a bed of particles, keeping it in suspension for an optimal residence time and an adequate combustion. These parameters are fundamental for the proper functioning and performance of the equipment supplied.

Where is the fluid bed located within the set of heat generation and application solution?

The fluid bed is located inside the combustion furnace, just before the heat recovery body in the form of thermal oil, water or steam, to which all the heat generated by the biomass or waste yields. This furnace is made up of an oversized metallic structure, lined with refractory brick with a high content of alumina for a long service life.

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