HMI: Human Machine Interface

INNERGY offers industrial automation solutions using state-of-the-art HMIs. The advances in visualization technology allow us to improve the interaction of people and machines, facilitating the use and the control of processes obtaining more and more information from our control system.

What is HMI?

HMI stands for Human Machine Interface which is the means by which a user can communicate with a machine and which covers all points of contact between the user and the equipment in question.

Currently these are typically touch panels, although keyboards are also still used

The current HMIs offer modern management and visualization functions, and as they are used in industrial environments, they have specific characteristics applied to their needs: robustness, stability and simplicity. With open and standardized interfaces, both in software and in hardware, in order to achieve an efficient integration in automated systems.

Functions Performed by an HMI

  1. Through the application of algorithms it is possible to make adjustments and changes in our processes.
  1. Monitoring and supervision. The HMI obtains and displays the data it collects from the plant in real time, showing them in different ways: figures, texts or graphics as established, to facilitate its reading and interpretation. In addition, it offers the possibility of applying the necessary changes at the same time, from mobile devices or PCs, remotely through integrated Webservers.
  1. Historical Data Storage. They have the capacity to store and display data, so it is possible to optimize and correct the process based on concrete and real data.
  1. Historical Trend Chart. They show data in an easy-to-read graph. The change in the data recorded over time is shown in an easy to understand graph. In the graphic you can consult old data.
  1. The change in the data recorded over time is shown in an easy to understand graph. In the graph you can consult old or previous historical data.
  1. Alarms and warnings. Based on pre-established limits, the HMI notifies and reports information regarding incidents that may occur in the plant in an exceptional manner. When an error occurs, the operator can easily search and check the status of the machine. This allows solving simple problems, debugging and/or making changes in production equipment to reduce downtime. In this way we work more efficiently.
  1. Connection to multiple devices and machines, with different communication protocols, to make the solution that the client needs more flexible.
  1. In advanced HMIs, they can be used as a VPN for the interconnection with the PLC of the machine or process.


Application of the latest technology. Innergy remains at the forefront of the latest technologies, using HMIs with multiple functions that allows maximum connectivity. HMIs with integrated VPN routers and webserver's series, 16 million colors, and high resolutions to visualize and interact in a more comfortable and intuitive way. We have developed screen bases in formats of 15 and 21 inches that allow us to democratize the use of large screens, offering almost the utility of a SCADA inside an HMI.

Advice and personalized service. INNERGY has a large team of multidisciplinary programmers with extensive experience in the automation of industrial systems. Each product is designed and manufactured for each user, this is our philosophy. Why use SCADAs when advanced HMIs can meet your needs? We advise you at all times about which of our products and equipment best meet your requirements at the lowest price.

Supervision 24/7. The integration of VPNs and webservers in our HMIs allows us not only to offer our clients the remote supervision of their facilities 24/7 (that is to say, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, being able to know what happens in each moment on their computers), but also to make remote modifications and assistance, being able to solve any problem or unforeseen without having physical presence in the installation, as well as the possibility of reviewing the main parameters of the processes so that our engineers help you to maximize the efficiency of them.

Strict performance tests, quality controls and finishes. Before starting any HMI in the client's facilities, the INNERGY programmers exhaustively test the correct functioning of the HMI, before it leaves our facilities, allowing the reduction of testing time in the plant before the start up; in other words, reducing the start-up time and the related costs.

Multibrand and multiprotocol. Our extensive knowledge allows us to adapt projects to different brands and communication systems, in short, we adapt to our customers’ requirements.

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