A switchboard is a basic element in any electrical facility. It currently includes functions such as supervision and control through elements such as monitoring units, PLCs or similar systems, which help improve management of the electrical facility.

At INNERGY we develop bespoke switchboards for different types of facilities for the industrial and energy markets. We are leaders in string combiner switch boxes for solar farms. We currently have over 2 GW monitored, all around the world. With offices in Asia and Latin America, our solutions are located on all five continents.

We also produce switchboards and control boards for the refrigeration, machinery and water industries, especially water treatment and purification.

Our switchboards are designed for correct identification and distribution of the different elements, thus ensuring swift action in the event of any incident in the facility and minimising any possible impact.  

We design switchboards for different types of environmental conditions: our switchboards are prepared for high temperatures and different latitudes and surfaces. We partner leading electrical brands (ABB, General Electric, Schneider, among others) as a guarantee of reliability and quality.

Furthermore, our production process includes after-finish tests in order to guarantee correct operation and comply with all relevant legislation, thus ensuring maximum quality in our final product.

We have a production process based on the LEAN philosophy to provide flexibility and large production capacity.


  • Engineering team soecialising in our customers´needs


  • High quality standards in excess of legal obligations


  • Efficiency in the manufacture system to minimise the number of failures


  • We adapt to all types of extreme weather conditions


  • The most reliable suppliers for our components

STRING COMBINER BOX and Weather Stations in United Kingdom

POWER 4,9 MW COUNTRY United Kingdom MODULE TYPE Polycrystalline...

STRING COMBINER BOX with HW Communications in United Kingdom

POWER 5,7 MW COUNTRY United Kingdom MODULE TYPE Polycrystalline...

String Combiner Boxes for PV system 54 MW

POWER 54 MW COUNTRY Romania MODULE TYPE Polycrystalline...

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