Industrial refrigeration switchboard

Industrial refrigeration switchboard

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: Industrial and commercial cooling

switchboards specifically for industrial cooling

At INNERGY ELECTRIC, the electrical division of the INNERGY group, we work with the leading manufacturers both in power components and in control elements and we adapt our switchboards for the industrial, commercial and HVAC sectors to the needs of each customer. We have the necessary technical resources and capacity to carry out "turnkey" projects in the electricity sector. This includes plant and process engineering, design and manufacture of the switchboard, programming, commissioning and the installation of all the necessary elements. We work with any application with regards refrigerant gases, especially with GWP type gases, such as NH3, CO2, etc ...

Programming for switchboards specifically for industrial cooling, commercial refrigeration and HVAC: At INNERGY we work to offer the best service on the market. For this we have a large programming team dedicated to developing technological applications for PLC, SCADA, HMI screens, computer applications ...

The control systems can be developed for a particular application; refrigeration switchboards, or for the whole general installation to allow the management of the entire plant. We implement a remote connection system to facilitate remote control by mobile devices of the facilities and processes. One of the great advantages of these systems is that they allows us to provide remote assistance from our facilities to anywhere in the world.



At INNERGY we have a large team composed of professionals from the sector, specialized in the analysis of the client's needs and being able to offer the solution that best adapts to each project.

We develop industrial applications, specially designed for chambers, freezing tunnels, dryers, hypermarkets, etc. We apply the latest trends such as CO2 or alternative gases such as HFO, with lower GWA rates which are not as heavily sanctioned by new environmental regulations.

We carry out process control at the following facilities: Meat, Horti-fruiticulture, Fisheries, Bakeries, Logistic centres, Plastics, Dairy...


We develop applications for commercial refrigeration, i.e. Electrical engineering solutions for small and medium-sized facilities such as supermarkets, cooperatives, food stores...

INNERGY ELECTRIC offers refrigeration solutions for any commercial application: chambers, display cases, murals, islands and tunnels.

We make refrigeration switchboards both for independent condensing units and for stand-alone, central and service equipment.


With the requirements of building control equipment manufacturers as the starting point, our team of engineers designs customized solutions, using systems to increase the efficiency of the facilities. HVAC switchboards are manufactured at our facilities and then sent to the customer.



The technical department at INNERGY ELECTRIC works with the main electrical panel management programs such as CAD or EPLAN Electric P8, as well as with the software from our suppliers, allowing them to optimize the entire planning process and increase the quality of the documentation of all the switchboards

  • Device-designed graphic planning 
  • Automatic and individual allocation of terminal block numbers
  • Switching devices with programmable PLCs and HMIs to reduce electrical operations, in addition to the possibilities of identifying alarms and managing them
  • Automatic creation of cross references between breakpoints, contacts, symbols and PLC components



  • Certificate ISO 9001
  • Schneider certified Partner.
  • IEC 61439 standard and the Low Voltage regulation compliant.
  • Final control carried out by the quality department giving its approval to the finished product (PA)
  • Execution of switchboard with respect to the drawings, quality of the wiring and its connection
  • Checking the insulation measurements and the degree of protection
  • Correct functioning of switchboard with the relay, measurement, control and electrical interlocks check
  • Follow-up of the assembly instructions and conducting the individual tests make it possible to affirm that the switchboards comply with the CE mark and the applicable IEC standards



Intuitive and easily assembled switchboards. We design our switchboards in such a way that they are easy to install, maintain and assemble.

Personalized technical advice.We solve your technical doubts, accompanying you throughout the process of selecting the optimal solution for your installation. Our know-how is at the service of our customers.

Ease of financing. We negotiate flexible forms of payment with our clients.

Quick response. We respond to questions and planned consultations in an agile, fast way, we know how important your time is.

Shipping management. We ensure that the switchboards are in place and at the scheduled time.

International Vision. We operate in over 20 countries and on 5 continents.




  • Power switchboard engineering   
  • Low voltage distribution board production
  • Programming, control and monitoring of installations by means of electrical equipment and programmable automatons
  • Development of computer applications for supervision, control and monitoring of plants
  • High capacity serial manufacture of switchboards
  • Commissioning service

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