Industry requires exhaustive control of costs and maximum efficiency in all operations in order to keep up its rate of growth.

At INNERGY we develop programming solutions for PLC and HMI devices, individually designed for each customer. Our team, with many years of experience in developing solutions in cutting-edge sectors such as the chemical, cooling and machinery industries, provides every project with new characteristics to ensure a straightforward, visual user interaction with the process.

Our team will guide you through the different functions which add value to the management of your process, such as software navigability or the development of new functions, in order to ensure you count on an easy, visual, intuitive, comfortable and realistic device at all times.

Features such as remote connectivity (mobile, tablet or PC) or the sending of alarms make it easy to access the control and analyse the different processes anywhere and at any time. Our service also includes technical support. This support, along with our connectivity solutions, ensures assistance is provided instantly and remotely in the event of any incident.

We work with PLC brands which offer a guarantee of reliability and robustness over a long period of time. 

We work with leading brands (SIEMENS, ALLAN BRADLEY, SCHNEIDER, OMROM). Our solutions provide greater reliability in operation and in service.

STRING COMBINER BOX and Weather Stations in United Kingdom

POWER 4,9 MW COUNTRY United Kingdom MODULE TYPE Polycrystalline...

STRING COMBINER BOX with pyranometers

POWER 6,2 MW COUNTRY United Kingdom MODULE TYPE Polycrystalline...

HW Communications, Weather Stations, pyranometers, for photovoltaic installation

POWER 4,2 MW COUNTRY United Kingdom MODULE TYPE Thin Film...

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