Ever since its beginnings, INNERGY has been a constantly-evolving organisation which has adapted to its customers' needs and to new demands in society.

Its commitment to research, development and innovation can be seen in INNERGY's increased investment and efforts in R&D&I, as part of its basic activities, and by the fact that it positions itself as a technological partner for its customers, in order to help them and to offer expert technical consultancy in different technology areas.

On an organisational level, the commercial expansion and technology management division answers directly to the Advanced Development and Expansion unit, which acts independently and has its own budget in order to lead the development of research activities in all departments in the group, and to focus on future market needs by continuously creating products and solutions based on current and future demands.

A system which follows the guidelines set out in Standard UNE 166002:2006 is followed to ensure management of R&D, along with auditing by independent technicians, both in-house and external to INNERGY. 




The R&D management plan, along with the research centres which answer to this unit, share the following lines of action:

  • Basic research: includes all studies and work aimed at acquiring new scientific knowledge. In this regard, we analyse new fuels, new materials, properties, structures and relations in order to grow our overall knowledge of the different products and technologies available on the market. Furthermore, we offer these services to both companies and individuals, allowing them to understand the true potential of their by-products or waste.
  • Applied research: this research is based on the conclusions reached thanks to the basic research; however, since the aim is to create new products focused on a specific practical target, it often allows us to create new products or specific functions, which can then be offered as part of INNERGY's portfolio. In this area, INNERGY has developed in-house technologies for applications as wide-ranging as: processing and re-use of meat meal, recovery of glycerine, and cutting-edge complex biomass or CDR combustion systems.
  • Technological development: includes use of the expertise acquired in applied research (generally in our laboratories) for production of materials, devices, procedures and new industrial-scale services.  In this stage, INNERGY applies the knowledge acquired during its research and its years of experience and know-how to develop prototypes or to directly produce commercial plants, with full reassurance for end customers.



Furthermore, collaboration with external organisations is crucial to ensure the success of the different projects undertaken, which is why INNERGY works alongside research and technology centres and universities, as well as other centres, institutes and institutions related to R&D&I. These prestigious international research institutions perfectly supplement the research capabilities of INNERGY's Advanced Development and Expansion division.

Over the last 10 years, INNERGY has invested a total of 3 million euros in research, development and innovation.

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